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Visualizing  the Wonders  of Aminos Acids in a Living Cell

    This video is 10 minutes long  you can skip to the six minute mark if you would like

How Muscles Respond to  Exercise

Amino Acids ” The Building Blocks of Life”

 Content of Amino Acids

and their Functions


Used for muscle recovery & wound healing, growth hormone and sperm.

Helps Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Increases muscle strength, Insulin, brain function and healthy sperm.Decreases the size of tumors. Helps with Gulf War Syndrome and yeast infection

Aspartic Acid

Increases muscle stamina & protein, metabolism, DNA, RNA & antibodies. Protects the liver.Helps calcium, magnesium deficiencies.


Builds muscle strength.Natural detoxifier. Helps protect skin, cartlidge and hair.

Glutamic Acid

Increases energy, wound & ulcer healing, brain function & DNA. Helps to overcome addictions


Increases energy ,blood flow ,brain function & metabolism. Helps Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Anemias, viral and yeast Infections


Maintains proper blood pH In treating anemias, rheumatoid arthritis allergies and yeast infection


Increases muscle stamina ,blood flow and recovery. Helps with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Obesity & Panic Disorder


Increases Muscle strength & recovery. bone & skin healing. natural pain reducer. Helps Depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Used for Muscle repair.Increases growth of bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Helps Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Anemias,Hair & Weight loss


Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Protects the liver. Helps maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails.


Helps concentration, and memory. Suppresses appetite. Reduces arthritic pain.Helps with Parkinson’s Disease,cancer,depression & obesity


Rebuilds cells to rebuild new muscle protein.Promotes health of joints, skin, tendons and ligaments.


Used for muscle growth. Helps maintain blood sugar levels. Helps Multiple Sceloris ,yeast infection, diabetes & hypoglycemia.


Used for muscle recovery.Protects the liver.Increases production of antibodies.Helps with Lou Gehrig’s disease, depression, and epilepsy


Increases muscle stamina. Improves mood ,stress levels and sleep for muscle recovery


Builds muscle,Increases energy, improves brain function. Helps Depression,Chronic Fatigue & Gulf War Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease & drug addiction


Increases muscle stamina. Builds muscle strength and endurance. Helps with brain function, physical stress,hunger and obesity

If you have an Immune Deficiency Disease  We are here to help you. Go to our Shop for Amazing products for You, Your Family and Your Pets.

There are over 80 immune deficiency diseases
Here is a list of some of those diseases 

Diabetes, Crohn’s,  Lupus, Arthritis, Rheumatism, High Blood Pressure,Overactive Bladder,Anemias,Pneumonia, Acid Reflux , Celiac, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, Dyspepsia (Upset Stomach), Psoriasis, Vasculitus, and Gastritis 

Refer to the video on Visualizing the Wonders of Amino Acids in a living cell at the top of this page

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