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About Us

Our products have no chemicals no GMOs. We use organic seeds grow and process organically. We grow in a controlled environment, filter and use peroxide sterilization for our water Assuring You of the best available product you can get for better health and value. FDA states that every item in our Products are known to Attain and Maintain Good Health.
To read about our patent -Method for Growing & Preserving Nutrients click here Patent page
Aminos Plus was formed after working with a gentleman by the name of Don Morgan from Rapid City South Dakota. Don was one of the first microbiologist in the Field of Agriculture.

Don Morgan
He understood Bacteria and he knew what the farmers wanted. And they wanted to produce healthy plants. Don and I got together to work on this project. He did all the Formulating. He put together the Nutrients in the form of electrolytes. He knew that the Bacteria would make use of all the Nutrients in this form quickly.
I did all the experimental growing and I was as diligent as I could be. It was an Honor to be working with Don Morgan knowing that we were going to help people with Immune Deficiency Disease and helping to restore good Health. Don was an incredible man he single-handedly prevented millions and millions of tons of chemical fertilizer getting into our environment. His Plant Nutrients are the best in the world, no need for pesticides fungicides or herbicides.  Unfortunately Don is no longer with us he went into the hospital for a simple procedure nothing more than 20 minutes somewhere along the line someone in the operating room made a mistake and Don was taken from us. His family still runs the business, his daughter Kelly does a magnificent job. If there’s any time you need an all Natural fertilizer and I mean natural I will be glad to help. I truly miss my friend.
You have a choice when it comes to choosing the right products for your health needs and we want to make that choice easy for you.
We have taken our years of Nutritional experience, combined with the best Ingredients and brought them to you here at Aminosplus.



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