Agricultural Reason

America’s Amino’s + was granted a patent as a functional food. Although grown primarily in the United States it can easily be grown anywhere in the world.  Trade secret is  part our choice  assurance of protection. A functional food, it doubles as a food additive to nutritionally enhance other dietary items.

Although seemingly simple this product is in fact biologically quite complex. Let’s start with the seed; it has the desired, genetically-determined characteristics produced over thousands of years by plant reeding and domestication of wild strains. Selection has permitted us to utilize a quick-drying seed coating on every seed. This coating acts like a wick ensuring the necessary moisture needed for sprouting. Also, the coating contains the trace minerals and amino acids needed for fast germination and immediate vigorous growth. Providing all the nutrients needed to the seed at this crucial time produces a strong healthy sprout.

The seed coating is derived from a medium of 98% humates and 2% mined potassium nitrate.Our fertilizer protocol, a trade secret, facilitates the growth necessary in the eight to ten day growth period. By using this method we have a complete delivery system of major minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and all of the amino acids for protein. The fertilizer consists of; soft rock phosphate, mine potassium nitrate, humates soft coal, seaweed, kelp, microbes, bergamont, bergamint and dandelion roots, along with citrus acetate for chleation and immediate availability. In this form the nutrients are in the simplest state so that the microbial/nutrient interaction can provide what the plant needs as it needs it. This means that the nutrients are in homeostasis, a natural balance, thus being available to the plant immediately, giving the plant the proper high mineral and protein ratios.

Stanley B. Prusiner, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1997, showed us that all proteins are not  the same and some can be implicated in disease states. He showed that prions, a type of protein that when mutated, can produce Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans and Mad Cow Disease in cattle. Mad Cow Disease is thought to be caused by feeding ground-up animal parts ( some of which may be infected ) to cattle as a protein source, a fairly widespread agricultural practice . In agriculture, as in  life, the source of nutrition and the delivery system, decides the type of protein made. The nutritional value of any protein is due to its balance of essential amino acids. The protein molecule is built with the aid of trace elements. The combination of trace minerals in the protein molecule is different for each species of plant and animal. Vegetables or foods grown with manures or compost dried blood or bone meal may not have the proper balance of factors to produce complete, essential proteins. Therefore, when nutritional products are claimed to contain certain percentages of protein, this is only part of the story. It is commonly assumed that

1 pound of nitrogen is converted into 6.25 pounds of protein but this says nothing about the composition of the protein. It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is need of establishing the composition of proteins in any nutritional analysis and as the life and health sciences move forward the proof of the benefits of this product will shine through.

When harvesting, time is utilized properly in our process. By meticulously choreographing every step in extracting and preserving these nutrients for immediate or future use the quality of the product is preserved.

The end result is a product with more healthy nutrition in a balanced state, than any other item available. In summary, our research has shown us that there are three major factors that influence the nutrient content of plants: 1) the inherent characteristics of the plant; 2) environmental conditions which affect the plant; 3) the method of handling and processing of the plant . All of these factors vary greatly from grower to grower, place to place and input to input. These are the elements we control in order to bring forth this most nutritious, all natural, botanical product, that can provide balanced nutrition from a single source. In today’s world it is no longer easy to be healthy. We face limitless superbugs and viruses.  Supplementing our nutrition to ultimately make the body resilient and strong, will prove to be the best plan of attack. This product whether taken in powder form, gelcaps, capsules or mixed with other food sources will provide our bodies with the proper ammunition in order to fight off the health problems of today and the coming millennium.

As the laboratory analysis shows, our product contains vitamins known to have anti-oxidant properties (the B vitamins, Vitamin A and Vitamin E as well as Vitamin C). Anti-oxidants function to trap substances known as free radicals and these contain highly reactive oxygen species which accelerate the aging process of cells and their premature death. When anti-oxidants trap and eliminate the reactivity of free radicals they preserve cellular machinery, cell membranes and reduce the transformation of collagen into its less elastic form. The increased stiffness of connective tissue macromolecules such as collagen and elastin is characteristic of aging and may be         accelerated by excess free radicals.

In comparison with the information available on other products which is not always complete we have a certified USDA laboratory report on our product. Nutritional analysis of other products do not always disclose by whom or where the testing was done. We have also seen mixed products included in this analysis. Another main point is that the nitrogen recovery is missing from these reports. Ours on the other hand is 0% due largely to the fact that we do not use manures, compost or chemicals. No heat processes are used as they would compromise the quality of the product. Heat diminishes the nutritional value of the product and requires the addition of other agents to bring those values back. So in actuality these products have been altered or denatured from what they were at harvest. We grow our crop for eight to ten days providing us with the peak nutritional value of the young plant. This value is lost when the crop is allowed to winter over because it is no longer a young plant and does not possess the properties of a young plant.

In a state of homeostasis our product naturally takes up the nutrients for maximum growth and thus has maximum nutritional value. Some products have high amounts of lead, which is harmful in small amounts, or lack the proper amount of magnesium or potassium for proper calcium absorption. Another potential problem is too much chromium or cadmium. Excesses in certain elements can cause as much harm as deficiencies.  Included with this two page summary is a copy of the U.S.D.A. certified lab report.