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Working Dogs

Police Dogs

Police dogs, generally called K-9s, are trained specifically to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in the line of duty chasing down criminals and sniffing  out substances. 

Detection Dogs
A detection dog is trained to sniff out   substances which include illegal drugs, explosives, blood, human remains, and more. Some detection dogs even learn to detect cancer.
Military Working Dogs
Military dogs assist members of the military with their operations as detectors, trackers, sentries, scouts, and for search and rescue.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs offer emotional support to sick or injured persons especially military personnel.

Search and Rescue Dogs
Have great sense of smell and hearing and are used in tracking, specialized search, avalanche rescue, and cadaver location.

Herding Dogs
Work rounding up various types of livestock such as  sheep and cattle

Service Dogs
Trained to assist persons with disabilities. They include guide dogs for the blind, mobility assistance dogs and seizure alert dogs.

Tests of Guinea Pigs and Grass Protein

 Tests were conducted on Guinea Pigs  by Park College,The Roanridge Foundation and the Soils Dept. of the University of Missouri in 1954

To be classed as PROTECTIVE – a food should pass TWO TESTS:

1. Serve as a SOLE SOURCE of VITAMINS  and  2. Serve as a SOLE DIET for GUINEA PIGS.

The first test proved that it contained ALL the essential VITAMINS, in about the right combination. The level at which it must be fed is a direct measure of its PROTECTIVE value. The second test proved that it is free of poisons. BOTH TESTS were carried through several generations, and included BEHAVIOR under all kinds of stresses,including resistance to all kinds of infections. Their LIVERS were tested for OPTIMUM FUNCTION.

There is ONE food that passed BOTH PROTECTIVE tests GOOD YOUNG GRASS  It produced those GLISTENING, DARK MAHOGANY COLORED LIVERS like the one on the left in this pic

This Healthy Liver on the left or That  diseased liver on the right !

What do you want for your pet  ?

Guinea pigs developed into a super strain in a few generations on a SOLE DIET of 25% protein grass. Only 5% can serve as the SOLE SOURCE of any ONE vitamin, but it takes about 20% to serve as the SOLE SOURCE of ALL VITAMINS.

Our domestic animals vary greatly in their INDIVIDUAL vitamin requirements but they ALL thrive on GOOD YOUNG GRASS.
The perfect combination of VITAMINS was  found in the diet of GOOD YOUNG GRASS that produced OPTIMUM LIVER FUNCTION and OVERALL HEALTH in GUINEA PIGS.
What about your Pets’ Health ?

Pet Product Endorsements

These Products are Recommended by The American Pets Products Association, Whole Dog Journal,Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care, and Wendy Volhard ;Dog Trainer and Author of the Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog. 

Our Products have USDA National and Worldwide Approval

Angela M. Compton is a Top Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine with the highest rating of Vets a 5. She has been in business since 2012. Here is her endorsement of our product.
I’ve seen the Amazing Powder and Water make such a positive difference in every day life. These supplements are so easy to give and the animals love them! This eliminates the need to find the perfect (& expensive) dog food; no product will have all the essential nutrients that animals need for continual health.  I strongly recommend trying these products, and you will see within a week a difference in your pets overall health. Angela M Compton DVM Fort Pierce, FL
One of our Clients, A Breeder of Ten Females let us know that Using our Amazing Products
He has seen less Complicated Births,Bigger ,Healthier,Happy Playful Puppies
Hair doesn’t fall out during Bathing and Less of a Expense for Food 

 Pet Foods you buy today are generally Acidic 

Using Our Products with your Pets Food  and Water will Balance the PH and bring it back to a  PH of 7.0 (neutral) which is Healthy for your Pets

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