Amazing Water Support for People


    Amazing Water Support For People Information Sheet

  Foods you buy today are generally Acidic 

Using Our Products with your Food  and Water will Balance the PH and bring it back to a  PH of 7.0 (neutral) which is an Optimal Level for a Healthy you 

This product will enhance and transform Your ordinary drinking water into a source of wellness.

It contains some of the most important nutrients for the body. It acts as a catalyst with foods. It assists in the transportation mechanism of our body which is water.

This product contains trace minerals and macro minerals from 60 million + year old Carbon sources. Amino acids are part of this product and are about 75% of the body’s dry weight without them there is a deficiency causing illness, diseases and sometimes death.

As a catalyst this product will start to work by helping to correct the pH in the saliva. It will assist in the digestion of these nutrients by hydrolysis (breaking down of food by water). Fats need to be broken down to fatty acids, proteins into amino acids and carbohydrates into simple sugars for foods to be of any benefit.

This product will assist these transformations. Water the transport mechanism the body uses is usually 45-65% of body weight. It carries nutrients to areas to grow new cells and transports cells to areas of need. Water carries away waste and dead cells throughout the body to be expelled. Blood consists of water and transports oxygen and then removes carbon dioxide.

Minerals create a healthy environment in which the body, using vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, to grow, function and heal itself. Amino acids are the basis for all life and metabolic processes, transport and storage of nutrients .Vitamins are for  bodily functions such as metabolism, immunity and digestion.

Digestion begins in the mouth where saliva is mixed in with the food and water consumed.This product enables kidney detoxification, prevent acidosis and other diseases when the pH drops to unsafe levels. Fats store energy and they help chemical reactions that control growth, immune function, reproduction and other aspects of basic metabolism.

Water is essential for proper digestion, nutrient absorption, chemical reactions and proper circulation in the body. The levels of oxygen in the bloodstream are greater when the body is well hydrated. The movement of water within our cellular systems also transports blood which plays a critical role in buffering the body’s pH, circulating antibodies from the immune system, and regulating osmotic balance.