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Product Endorsements

John Barbero
March 7 at 12:44pm

Bath Beach Bodybuilding Gym Members, Family & Friends

This is John Barbero, the original founder & owner of Bath Beach Body Building. I am not a facebook person but felt that I needed to share this info that I have on a product I have been taking so I joined facebook. The product is Aminos Plus. I have been taking it for the past 4 years. There is not enough I can say about this product which is for men & women. I have seen it help my family & friends first hand with diabetes, regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, pressure in the eyes, arthritis and bladder issues. The thing that first caught my attention was when working out I was getting pumped up like when I was 18 as a 67 year old. Also I noticed my resistance being high, fighting off colds, sore throats etc.
I do not own this product or have anything to do with this product. I am just passing it along because it is such a life changer.
If interested Call Frank Sagliano 321-327-8087
He can answer all questions.
God Bless & Be Healthy
I’m a 46 y/o Supervisor for the USPO. I use to take both Prilosec and Nexium for my acid stomach. After 3 weeks of taking Aminos Plus, I love have my morning coffee, it’s been 5 years since I tasted it. I also feel great and put in a 60 hour work week. I have been taking Aminos for 8 months.
R. D. N. J.
I’m a 69 year old diabetic and after taking Aminos Plus for 4 months I stopped taking metformin. After another 2 months I stopped injecting myself. It has been 1 year and no meds for diabetes! My stomach feels great since I stopped the needles.
R. D. Fl.
I’m a former owner of 23 gyms in the N.Y. and N. J. area, am 65 years old, 5’5” and 250 pounds. I use to take $125.00 worth of supplements a month and now I take 3-6 capsules a day of Aminos Plus depending on my workout schedule. If I was younger I would go pro with this product. My workout recovery time is incredible.
J. B.N. J.
I’m a 73 year old woman who had aches and pains, I thought from old age. I have been taking 2 capsules Aminos Plus for 1 year now and I feel great! No more pain! I also have my husband taking them and he pays more attention to me, a good thing.
E & J T Brooklyn N Y
I’m a 56 y/o truck driver and I keep my sugar in check with Aminos Plus. It also helps me focus on the road. Oh, a few weeks ago I was coming down with a summer cold so I doubled up on the Aminos and in 3 days all gone. Thanks Aminos
I’m a 58 y/o woman who works for the Board of Education. I was allergic to sulfur of any kind and endured pain everyday with no medications. It was 3 weeks before Mother’s Day when I started taking Aminos. It has sulfur in it. I have to tell you that I was hesitant but I was assured that the sulfur was different and came though a plant and it would not have any harmful effects like the rashes and swelling I usually get. Well on Mother’s day my 2 boys took me out for dinner and I was telling them how great I was feeling since I was taking Aminos so they looked at me and said OK Mom how about a glass of wine. Hmmm, I was quick to say no because of the sulfur in wine but they twisted my arms, both of them, 1 on each side, so I said ok. I have to tell you I had 2 glasses and felt a lil tipsy but no allergic reaction! Thanks Aminos
I’m a 63 y/o car salesmen and am always stressed trying to do the next deal. But since I have been taking Aminos I feel great! No stress, No aches or pains and sales have been good. I have recommended the product to all my friends and they think it’s great as well.
T.A. S.I.N.Y.
I’m a 64 year old retired meter reader and a published author. Believe me, the arthritis pains I had from being a walking meter reader for 20 years was incredible! I have been taking Aminos Plus for 15 months and I have just come back from black bear hunting in N C. Didn’t shoot anything but didn’t have any pains thanks to Aminos.
R.R. L.I.C. NY .
I’m a 64 year old man who was a letter carrier for 20 years. I have since retired and still workout at the gym 3 times a week. My work outs are longer and my recovery time is shorter now that I am taking Aminos Plus. I use to end it with 15 minutes of spinning now its 30 and I can go 45!! No pains! Thanks Aminos!
P.V. Bklyn NY.


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