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Frank Sagliano CV

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Frank S. Sagliano

Office 321 327 8087 Cell 941-357-3976 Frankfv8@aol.comPalm Bay, Fl.

Business Ventures:

Western States Trading Co.

Worked closely with Norman Bourlaug, a Nobel Prize winner, on promoting triticale, a man-made species of grain derived from a cross between wheat rye that shows promise of being superior to either wheat or rye in productivity and nutritional quality. Involved in the Green Revolution numerous publications N.Y.Times, Scientific Mag. Star Trek 3rd. episode, had it listed on Chicago Yellow sheets. Was also a partner in Triticale Foods Corp. Member of the National Columbus Day Committee, Member of the Washington Visitors Committee, 1 of 500 Civilians given the privileged to eat in the Congressional Dinning Room of the White House for two years.

Restaurateur and Beach Concessionaire

Anna Maria Island, FL

Owned and Managed a150 seat restaurant and Tavern, 13 Mobile Hot Dog Stands, beach Concessionaire with 34 employees. Participated in numerous State, County & City events for holidays, parades, business promotions, school lunches, weddings, anniversary and birthdays. A long standing member and contributor to the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Created 1000’s of jobs throughout the State of Florida in the Mobile Food Business in addition to that also helped create sanitary laws for the State in the Mobile Food Business.

Owner of Living Soils Organic Farm Living Soils & Water Natural Fertilizer Firm

Brooksville, FL

Licensed and bonded for 10 years in St of Fl.

An original signer of FOG and resigned shortly after.

A guest speaker for the NOSB.

Inventores: Frank S. Sagliano, Elizabeth A. Sagliano

(Classification actual de EE.UU.: 426/636; 47/59.00R; 47/61; 47/62.00N; 426/385; 426/444; 426/590;426/599Clasificación international: A23L 204; A23L 214)

A method for growing and preserving nutrients in plant material producing the First Nutritionally Modified Botanical, the highest nutritional supplement for humans and non-human animals having optimally high enzyme, 23 minerals,15 vitamins and 18 amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6 acids (The Building Blocks of the Human Body) consisting of a 46 % protein content, and the stabilization of chlorophyll. The method includes growing the plants in the field, as well as in greenhouses using hydroponics and aeroponics. The freeze drying work was done under the auspices of Dr. Balabon at the University of Florida Food Science.

Spent Mushroom Compost and Biological Amendments as an…‎ by CS Vavrina – ‎Cited by 6 – ‎Related articles of Mr. Frank Sagliano, Living Soils Inc., without whose help this trial would not have been possible. Literature Cited. Gerrits, J.P.G. 1994. Composition, use and Spent Mushroom Compost and Biological Amendments as an Alternative to Soilless Media.(SWFREC Station Rpt. – VEG 96.3) C.S. Vavrina, M. Ozores-Hampton, K. Armbrester, and M. Pena University of Florida, Southwest Florida Research and Education Center P.O. Drawer 5127 Immokalee, FL 33934                                                                                    

An independent contractor and supplier to Anheiser Busch Brewery at Jacksonville for an odor eliminator for anaerobic bacteria laden spent brewery water. I treated over 3 billion gallons of water.

2000 till present

Our research has led me to create the first Nutritionally Modified Botanical in the field of plant and Human nutrition. It is free of hmo’s , and all agricultural chemicals,. Unlike whey Our product does not contain bht or bha ,gmo’s , antibiotics , or anything synthetic or foreign to the Human Body. It is a true safe superior, single vegetable alter native to all the other items available today on the market.

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