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                     AMINOS PLUS

                                Complete Daily Organic Nutrition

                                       14 Vitamins 23 Minerals

                                          All the Amino Acids

                                        For a healthier immune system

FDA States every item in this Product is known to attain and maintain good health in the human body

Your God used these nutrients to create a healthy You. The Human Genome Project financed by the US Government lets us know that Deficiencies in Nutrients cause Illnesses and Diseases

Diabetes, Crohn’s, Lupus, Anemias, Epilepsy, Lyme disease, Autism, Arthritis Rheumatism, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Tired Blood, Pneumonia, Fatigue or other illnesses and You are taking medication You have to rebuild Your immune system due to medicationsAminos+ is the highest nutritional organically grown food product in the World to repair Your system With the use of our Agricultural patent Aminos + provides these nutrients, helping Your body overcome disease & illness promoting good health and longevity. Aminos + has been proven to be safe to use by Pregnant & Nursing Mothers. Aminos+ has preliminary approval for all Athletes. There are no Allergens or Fillers in this product or capsules. 100% vegetable. For Medical information on the nutrients and how they help the Body & Mind please refer to the USDA, FDA, Google, The Univ. of Cambridge & us           Health Wealth & Happiness

A Description of our product A Nutritionally Infused Plant the first of its kind. It isn’t a fluke it has been thought out, fashioned, instituted and patented. The seed, the nutrition we feed the seed, the water, the climate, the processes to extract the nutrients for present and future use for the Body. Our product consists of 14 vitamins, 23 minerals, all the Amino Acids & omega 3 & 6 in a natural balance,. These are the necessities to bring about a healthy body. We do know that we can help the body correct physical and mental imbalances with the use of our product. We have the composition of a cell: the amino acids both endogenous and exogenous, both macro and trace minerals, vitamins and fats. We have more than 55 various USDA labeled items in our product. They all work together to produce better cells regardless if it is a cell for the blood, brain, leg, arm, nail, stomach .liver, kidney all 30-50 trillion  of them will be better than it’s predecessor. A gentleman from the FDA told me that every constituent in this product has been known to attain and maintain good health in the human body. I hope this will give you a better understanding of the product’s composition and benefits to the user (EVERYONE). Our product does not impede any pharmaceuticals it helps them help an ill body. It helps the athlete repair and rebuilds their muscles whether it’s Olympic, professional or scholastic. It helps with liver problems and its 400 functions, kidneys, blood disorders and diseases. The family trying to conceive, the strength of their sperm cells is critical, the pregnant or nursing mother and baby. The person with a chemical imbalance,

the diabetic, the person suffering from RA, and so many other deficiencies we are susceptible today for whatever the reasons are. Our product can help with all malfunctions and more. Recently companies have been offering COQ10, testosterone and other synthetic (fabricated to imitate) compounds that they tell You that Your body is deficient in. The Real items COQ10, testosterone, ATP, CLA, TVA, are made by the body with the proper amino acids and minerals in the amount that the body needs to be healthy and function properly. On the USDA Lab report these items and others are not listed but their composition is, and in turn allowing the body to make what it needs when it needs it. Our product is free from Genetically Modified Organisms BHT and BHA, Pesticides and Insecticides which often pop up along with growth hormones and other toxic chemicals in supplements or in other protein products. A vegetable protein free of contaminant with more benefits than any product available today. It can be used in capsules or as an additive to enhance other products. We have the constituents of DNA the answer to the Human Genome Project.

Why Are Amino Acids Called The Building Blocks of Life?”

Amino acids account for 75% of dry body weight. (Vitamins and minerals account for only 1.5% of dry body weight). Amino acids make up all neurotransmitters. 100% of hormones are made up of amino acids. DNA and RNA, our genetic material, require amino acids..

Amino acids influence every system in the human body and every endocrine gland. The 20 major amino acids, plus hundreds of minor amino acids keep us alive, vibrant, and healthy.

A deficiency in a single amino acid will cause problems for us.

Our product provides you with the necessary nutrients to help your body overcome Illness and Disease. The Human Genome Project funded by the U S government and 2 others taught us that disease and illness is from a deficiency

in nutrients. We have all the Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals that you need for good health and longevity.

For more information on  Nutrients and Our Product  Please call 321-327-8087

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