Amazing Blood Expander / Volumizer

Aminos Blood Substitute

 Without Blood there would be no Life. With the help of modern medicine we have been able to eliminate various organs and or substitute with non human organs and keep the body alive. Ahh, cut off the blood and there is no Life. No getting around it. With so many people suffering from various types of Anemia along with operations there is always a shortage of blood over 50,000 units are needed everyday. Modern Medicine again has shown that Volumizers / Expanders today can also be helpful in this area. With certain medicines to increase the red blood corpuscles and fluids better known as Volumizers / Expanders we can reduce the amount of blood needed for Anemia and operations even eliminate them completely.


More and more people everyday are choosing to have bloodless operations. The selections of Volumizers / Expanders are limited but yet helpful to accomplish this.

What if we helped! What if we with the aid of Mother Nature enhanced another blood she created, Botanical blood? What if we could supply chlorophyll the closest thing to human blood, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fluid, the items that blood delivers all Natural not synthetic or recumbent. It would be better than any other product used today in Bloodless operations and for treating Anemia. Amino’s Plus has just that product. It is the highest nutritional product in the World and it has chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

For centuries the medical community has worked with Botanical Blood be it the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans our Native Americans our American Soldiers and Physicians. The earlier practitioners used it for wounds on the battle field and in major medical centers some injected it to increase red blood corpuscle counts. Some Practitioners received the Nobel Prize for their work with chlorophyll. Well then why don’t we use it today? A few simple reasons will help to define why. Chlorophyll was too unstable and turned unusable in a matter of minutes. Nutrition composition wasn’t consistent for a lack of knowledge of botanical nutrition. The advent of antibiotics another major reason, funding was poured into antibiotics and rightly so. Now medicine has to catch up with Super Bugs, the likes of what we have never seen, constantly evolving, overcoming the current antibiotics.

Nutrition is nothing new to the medical community and has always been considered a plus, where Blood or an Expander are concerned, Aminos Plus is the best alternative. The nutrients in it are basically pre digested, not taxing the body’s digestion system. I.e. 7grams of undigested protein are necessary to get 4.5 +/- grams available to the body’s circulatory system’s transporter, Blood.

Our knowledge and application of Botanical Nutrition, has consistently produced the highest nutritional product ever and with the Stabilization of Mother natures other blood, Chlorophyll that we received a patent in. Aminos Plus nutrients are available to the body on a cellular level. Hundreds of clinical trials and test have been performed on the 50+ natural constituents in this product and all of them have been known to attain and maintain good health, making this product ideal as a Blood Expander / Volumizer.                                          World’s Highest Nutritional Product

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