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Living a Healthier Longer Happier Life is what we Strive for.
Getting the Proper Nutrition will make  us Healthier. Being Healthier will make us Live Longer. Reaching these two goals will make us Happier.
Nutrition from Plants is  Healthier.
We Infuse these Nutrients Below into a Plant that we grow.
NAD – Protects Red Blood Cells to carry oxygen throughout the body &
Promotes DNA repair and Increases ATP
ATP –  Regulates Cellular Energy Production , DNA Replication, and Builds Proteins
Telomerase –  An enzyme for the Growth of Telomeres the Caps of DNA protecting the ends of Chromosomes for
DNA Reproduction (Anti-Aging)
CA-AKG –  Detoxifies and Removes Ammonia, Supports DNA and Protein Synthesis

We also have these items in our Product
Nad+, Nadph, Fad, Fad+, Nitric Oxide, AKg, L Arginine,
L Citrulline, Mitochondria and Chlorophyll

Nobody else has all of these Items in One Product

You can Spend anywhere from $145.00 for a month supply of
LifeTabs that has CA-AKG
or $600.00 for Ta-65 which has Telomerase
We  Infuse all of these Items into a Plant.
Our product – Ageless Wonders
Our price is $35.00 for a monthly supply
$95.00 for a 3 month supply

A Savings of $17.15
We Infuse Virgin Olive Oil in all of our Products because of its Benefits
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See our Anti Aging Page for more Info on all of the Items we Infuse.
Here’s the link –        Anti Aging 

Our Product is  Mother Nature Made not Man Made (Synthetics)
It contains no fillers or additives.
Live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Fuller Life.


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