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Patent US5820916 – Method for growing and preserving nutrients and products thereof – Google Patents

US 5820916 A


A method for growing and preserving nutrients in plant material, which produces a nutritional whole food for humans and non-human animals having optimally high enzyme, mineral, and trace mineral contents, as well as a minimum protein content of forty percent. The method includes growing the plants in the field, as well as in greenhouses, hydroponically and airponically, or in a lightweight growth medium such as a mixture of sawdust and vermiculite, so that nutrients available to the plants during growth can be controlled. Plants are also watered frequently during growth with specially prepared electrolyte nutrient solutions. Both the upper plant tissue and the plant roots can be harvested, and juiced or pressed to separate the plants tissue liquid from the fibrous portion of the plant by use of extractors that will not allow the temperature of the plant juice to exceed 90° Fahrenheit.

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